We offer individual courses or great package deals!
Basic Package $50.00(Save $10)
Behind the Wheel Lessons
  • 4-Hr. First Time Driver Course $30.00                                          2-hr $140.00               8-hr  $470.00
  • DMV Practice Test $10.00                                                              4-hr $250.00              12-hr $690.00
  • Permit Test (Road Rules/Signs) $20.00                                        6-hr $360.00              40-hr $2230.00
Full Packages
Full Package 2, 4 & 6 Hours
Full Package 8, 12 & 40 Hours
  • Basic Package plus 2-hrs BTW $165.00                                     * Basic Package plus 8-hrs BTW         $495.00
  • Basic Package plus 4-hrs BTW $275.00                                     * Basic Package plus 12-hrs BTW       $715.00
  • Basic Package plus 6-hrs BTW $385.00                                     * Basic Package plus 40-hrs BTW       $2255.00

Inverness Driving School

Driving lessons are offered for Inverness, Florida. We also have pick up service at your house if you need the instructor to pick you up. If you are a new driver or just wanting a refresher lesson call us to set up up an appointment.

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Spring Hill Driving School

Private behind the wheel driving lessons are offered in Spring Hill, Florida. We have 2 cars available and can offer lessons during the day, evening and weekends. New drivers that have just received a permit or learner's license should at least take 2 to 4 hours of driving lessons.

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